Integrated Project Team Development event held for USS Sterett (DDG 104)

Last Updated : 4/18/2013 1:17:50 PM

By Tannyr Denby

Southwest Regional Maintenance Center Public Affairs

SAN DIEGO—Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) held an Integrated Project Team Development (IPTD) event on April 2 for USS Sterett (DDG 104) in San Diego.

The 50 percent IPTD was held in conjunction with the ship’s Chief of Naval operations (CNO) maintenance availability 50 percent progress conference.

“ITPD events present an excellent opportunity for a diverse range of stakeholders in the maintenance community to have face to face discussions on important items that are not routinely discussed,” said SWRMC’s Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) Class Team Leader, Scott Saunders. “I am very glad that we conduct IPTDs, and look forward to participating in these events in the future.”

IPTD events serve as a valuable platform to review the progress of maintenance availabilities, while evaluate their risks, managing schedule issues, and facilitating effective communications among all players.

Key discussion points during this IPTD included the system restoration plan, integrated test status, lessons learned, compartment close out, and the project team celebrated victories.

IPTDs in San Diego have evolved. They were once facilitator-driven, but are now led by project managers (PM).  The PMs are able to tailor the agenda of the meetings to their specific needs, significantly increasing the value of IPTDs.

From maintenance funding, work progress, and schedules to risk management, the inclusion of growth and new work into the package, and briefing the ship and SWRMC senior leadership, PMs manage all aspects of an availability. With such comprehensive oversight, it is often a more effective event when the IPTD agenda is tailored by the PM.

Event participants included SWRMC maintenance team members, ship’s force, Type Commander representatives, test coordinators, prime contractor Ship Superintendents and USS Sterett’s senior leadership.

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