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271 Stone Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5000

Home to over 15 tenant commands, NSA Monterey provides primary support to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Navy Research Lab (NRL), and the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC). NPS is the largest producer of advanced graduate degrees for the Department of Defense and proudly graduates thousands every year from all services and from over 50 countries. NRL provides all scientific and weather modeling as well as atmospheric and aerosol studies. FNMOC provides the highest quality, most relevant and timely worldwide Meteorology and Oceanography support to U.S. and coalition forces from FNMOC’s 24x7 Operations Center in Monterey. NSA Monterey supports over 160 buildings which are located on more than 626 acres.


Naval Support Activity Monterey

NSA Supply Management Analyst Turns Decades of Experience Into Cost Savings for NPS

When Tom Tuttle started working on campus in May 2010, he brought with him a lifetime of experience in supply management and logistics. A retired Lt. Col. in the Air Force, and now working as a civilian, Tuttle has decades of knowledge working with both the private sector and government supply systems.

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NSA Monterey Recognizes 30 Years of Service

In a surprise ceremony on July 11, Captain David, commanding officer of Naval Support Activity Monterey, presented Megan Ryan with a certificate for completion of 30 years of service to her country and the Navy.

Posted On : Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - 2:12:31 PM

Applied Mathematics Department Chair Surveys 100 Years of NPS Math History

Chairman of the Applied Mathematics Department Carlos Borges regaled faculty, students and staff on “A Century of Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School” in a special lecture Apr. 14 attended by emeritus faculty who go back far enough to have lived some of the historic events mentioned in the talk.

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NPS President Daniel Oliver will proudly induct three alumni into the Hall of Fame

In a small ceremony on Dec. 3, NPS President Daniel Oliver will proudly induct three alumni into the Hall of Fame. The inductees include retired Navy Admiral Thomas J. Lopez, retired Vice Admiral Patricia A. Tracey, and, posthumously, retired Vice Admiral Thomas J. Hughes. The inductees will accept a medal at the ceremony, and will receive a plaque to hang on the Hall of Fame wall in Herrmann Hall. Hughes’ wife, Nancy Hughes will attend the ceremony to accept the award on her husband’s behalf.

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