Navy Region Southwest Dispatch Center Complete

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Navy Region Southwest Dispatch Center Complete

By Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Josh Cassatt, Navy Public
Affairs Support Element West

SAN DIEGO – Consolidation of the Navy Region
Southwest (NRSW) dispatch centers into one Regional Dispatch Center (RDC)
became official Sept. 28 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Regional
Operations Center (ROC).

Eleven dispatch locations throughout NRSW were combined
into a single dispatch center at ROC, effectively streamlining public safety
service delivery.

“What the consolidation does is provide quicker
response time, better coordination and more efficient communications for our
emergency responders,” said Mark Frederickson, the NRSW emergency management
program director.

The consolidation began in April, and over the past
seven months emergency dispatch services became more centralized as the NRSW RDC
expanded operationally, resulting in complete emergency coordination responses
in one location.

“It’s been fun to watch all this come together,”
said Rear Adm. William French, Commander, NRSW. 
“When you look at all the moving parts to make this work you see it took
a lot of effort to consolidate the dispatches into an RDC that covers all 10
bases in the region that we provide support to.”

The NRSW RDC is estimated to save approximately $1.8
million per year while monitoring the more than 6,500 security alarms and 6,000
fire alarms installed in facilities across the region.

“This RDC provides enhanced reporting capabilities,”
said Stephen Klemko, the NRSW RDC manager. 
“It gives our dispatchers greater situational awareness, better visuals
as to where emergency assets are at, manpower savings, and reduced costs in
maintaining legacy equipment.”

Since the beginning of September, the NRSW RDC
handled and dispatched responders to nearly 25,000 emergency and non-emergency
calls for service that come from the region’s installations.

Prior to the consolidation, emergency services were
dispatched from the individual installations, oftentimes by a single dispatcher.  Now, the NRSW RDC has 12-14 dispatchers at
any given time available to provide support to callers and backup to each

“All alarms—both fire and security—and all 911 calls
that originate at the installations now come to one centralized location,” Frederickson
said.  “The technology we have here is
better and it better allows our dispatchers to control events.”

According to Klemko, emergency phone calls made from
any base telephone in the region is automatically routed to the NRSW RDC, which
then coordinates the response with no decrease in quality or speed of service.

“With dispatch regionalization, NRSW has achieved a
true benchmark that demonstrates the depth of NRSW leadership and teamwork, and
improves public safety service delivery with increased capabilities and
efficiencies,” Klemko said.

NRSW is responsible for shore installation support
of the 10 major installations and numerous smaller Naval entities located
within Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.


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